Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 13, 2022

0:04:02Intro and Welcome
0:04:32I Ching Reading – Deliverance
0:08:56checking in from all around the world
0:09:48Flat Eric
0:12:04Stone Mason’s BIG IMO pile
0:15:28thanks to Master Cho and Dr. Park for bringing us KNF
0:16:09IMO bath video of Dr. Park
0:21:30worm farm- only 2′ of food for worms in vermicomposting; Dr. Norman Arancon (UHH) is an expert
0:23:09Master Cho IMO1 presentation
0:23:45come to class- register at
0:25:40back to Master Cho’s presentation- review
0:32:12Julia is going to do side-by-side trials of raised beds with and without KNF
0:32:43weeds and tilling and microbes
0:33:33how far apart for raised beds? at least 3 meters
0:34:00for collecting IMO- more microbes where there are more nutrients?
0:35:15aloe for KNF Food?
0:35:52deeper forest, more decomposing fungi?
0:37:46the Mother tree- collect IMO here
0:38:05“Mycellium Running” by Paul Staments- learn about sapotrophs
0:38:33more about collecting IMO
0:40:07IMO2- preserved seed IMO
0:41:12chemicals as the enemy- use biochar and microbes
0:43:03microbes and carbon so chemicals won’t affect you
0:44:04good soil
0:45:50more about IMO2
0:52:45IMO3- Propagated IMO- it’s complicared and a committment
0:54:43Making IMO3
0:56:00KNF Protectors (LAB)
0:57:11what dilution rate of water for making IMO?
0:58:19add the soil foundation recipe
0:59:25what if IMO3 gets too hot?
1:01:01measure in metric
1:02:24back to IMO3
1:07:54is IMO Master Cho’s invention?
1:08:16bokashi is EM not IMO
1:09:03solutions for earth box
1:10:10Drake’s deliverance
1:11:01thank yous
1:12:17long live the Natural Farmer