Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 6, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:17I Ching Reading – 6- Conflict
0:04:22God is Master Cho’s ultimate inspiration
0:05:58PureKNF Foundation website redone; enter to win tix to HFUU convention Dec. 2-4
0:08:48click on “Research” and see the University of Hawaii research articles-
0:10:50Natural Farming is conflict-free, bringing balance rather than juicing plants, restoring without conflict
0:11:54Buzz Bee porject with rust and black spots on leaves of trees- can KNF help? liquid IMO
0:14:40Master Cho’s Soil Environment Recovery from last week- microbes of healthy and diseased leaves
0:15:31use KNF Protectors (LAB) for rust and black spots- see the Recipe Book for how to make
0:16:30also use the Leaf Formula; alternate with Fruit Formula
0:18:28KNF Medicine (OHN) also helps
0:18:54KNF Structure (WCP) used on vanilla farm and got a lot of flowers. What’s next? Pollinate and follow Natural Growth Formulas in the Recipe Book
0:21:45take classes to understand the cycles- to register- Jan. 6-12- only one spot left to stay on the farm
0:23:40KNF Medicine (OHN) for post nasal drip- no coughing for 2 years
0:24:47Drake had a kidney infection and used chlorine dioxide for treatment
0:26:15the chat goes away after 48 hours
0:26:55KNF is multi-generational- average farmer age is 60+
0:27:30Master Cho’s Soil Environment Recovery- how to make your soil come back to life- reviewed last week Oct 30 Office Hours at
0:33:18Looking for help with Office Hour’s Table of Contents- can get paid- be in touch with Drake at
0:34:50Master Cho’s IMO presentation
0:42:05give resources to Indigenous People and let them lead; for them instead of industry and the soil and health would come back- empower them to thrive
0:44:23Master Cho’s Characteristics of IMO presentation
0:49:25Master Cho’s Collecting IMO
0:55:45Drake’s YouTube channel- video on collecting IMO inddors
0:57:35back to Master Cho’s Collecting IMO
0:58:05does Drake have videos on making liquid IMO? Post-up media is editing
0:58:50back to Master Cho’s Collecting IMO
1:00:53can you use IMO2 for JMS?
1:01:24Drake doesn’t recommend using OHN in your rice whe you cook it
1:01:30Master Cho’s IMO1
1:03:40Master Cho’s Process of Collecting IMO
1:04:30Master Cho’s IMO1
1:06:23thank yous
1:07:30Pure KNF Foundation sponsors Office Hours
1:07:40long live the Natural Farmer