Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 30, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:33I Ching Reading – Peace- 11- Heaven over Earth
0:05:53KNF Structure (WCP) in the Nutrient Cycle?
0:06:56phosphoric acid (WPA) vs. calcium phosphate?; phosphorus in banana farming; stunted growth; flowers suppressed; thick skin
0:15:02master the basics, bring balance
0:15:19how to make WPA, apply and use
0:20:03can use charcoal bone meal?
0:20:48what nutrients for vanilla beans? see the Prescriptions in the Recipe Book- get the book at
0:24:52Master Cho videos on Drake’s YouTube channel about Nutrient Cycle
0:25:30can use KNF Structure (WCP) for same symptoms you would use WPA for
0:26:07why would you use KNF Structure( WCP) over WPA?
0:27:06can use deer bones for KNF Structure (WCP); can use fish bones too
0:27:18what to do with leftover cooked crab shells? make chitan; chitanase
0:30:02planting a lot of plants and have everything but IMO
0:31:20planting advice
0:34:24is chitan the same in the shell and in mycellium?
0:36:20excess phosphorus can bring imbalance
0:37:40Partida’s comment about microbes; wilt; pathogens can be beneficial
0:44:33how to scale up JADAM techniques?
0:45:33can JADAM sulfur solve potato ate blight?
0:46:06good soil, good farming practices are the answer
0:46:18fish aminos
0:47:19facultative bacteria?
0:47:47what method does JADAM use for potassium? no specific solutions- Master Cho is sophisticated
0:48:46solutions combined to make prescriptions/formulas are better after blending for @12 hours before use
0:51:57soil environment recovery from Master Cho’s presentation
0:52:043 solutions for soil environment recovery- IMO, Seawater, Grass
0:53:48no pesticides, no herbicides, no tilling, no chemical fertilizer
0:55:47what happens when you use pesticides, herbicides, tilling, chemical fertilizer
0:56:35bad and good rhizosphere environments
0:57:56collect IMO
0:58:40scaling up IMO- use liquid IMO
0:59:17seawater and sea salt dilution
0:59:32microbes on leaves
1:00:28power of nature- trees can split rocks, don’t till
1:02:39making lye
1:03:13thanks; email Drake at
1:03:22IMO3 pile photo
1:04:18keep spreading Natural Farming
1:04:57video by Simon Michaux. “Minerals Blindness”- this is why Natural Farming is important
1:06:30long live the Natural Farmer