Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ December 3, 2023

0:00:00Testing to See if We’re Live
0:00:42We’re Live! Welcome to Office Hours
0:01:11I Ching Reading: Dispersion (Dissolution)
0:04:54Goodmorning Office Hour Folks!
0:06:28Drone Footage of Banana Bunchy-top Improvement
0:17:3611 Months of Drone Footage – Aerial Farm View
0:22:33Dr. Park’s Master Cho Update
0:26:15Adding KNF Solutions to Edible Mushroom Culivation
0:27:53Gabriele Berg’s Research into Endophytes
0:35:30Harriet Mella’s Soil Science & Courses
0:41:25Rick Haney Soil Analysis
0:44:47Is Soil Science Relevant or Important to be a Better Farmer?
0:50:16Compairing Drone Footage from 11 Months of Spraying
0:55:30Thank You All!