Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 26, 2023

0:00:29Riding in the Back of Paster Lee’s Truck (Muju, Korea)
0:05:20Collecting IMO is a Green House In Winter
0:14:22Adjusting Moisture of Leaf Litter
0:23:31Preparing the Rice for the IMO Basket
0:27:47Discussing IMO Box or Basket Material
0:32:19Filling the IMO Box with Rice
0:33:41Do Chemicals in Cooking Water Effect IMO Collection?
0:34:13Setting the Rice Boxes into the Leaf Litter
0:40:20Smelling PIMO from Rice Brand
0:49:07Making PIMO
1:07:24Smelling & Discussing PIMO
1:15:00Mixing Liquid Solutions into Rice Bran for PIMO
1:29:00Mixing PIMO Pile with BCS Tractor (Power Tool)
1:32:38Testing Moisture of Fresh PIMO Pile
1:36:38Discussing Care & Maintenance of PIMO Pile
1:40:30Making AIMO