Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 19, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:02:02Welcome to Office Hour!
0:03:05I Ching Reading: The Power of the Great
0:07:47Do You Stir Your Beverage to the Right?
0:12:20Ag Drones to Treat Coffee Leaf Rust
0:20:20How to Donate to Pure KNF Foundation
0:23:05How to Donate to Drake
0:25:30How to Send a Check to Pure KNF Foundation
0:29:35Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Real Wealth
0:34:09Is Kelp Used in KNF?
0:39:04How to Use knfFood
0:40:51knfFood from Pumpkin
0:44:48Apple knfFood
0:47:05Endophytes, knfFood & Seed Soak Solution
1:06:11What is Supersaturation?
1:09:04Thanks Folks for Tuning In!