Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 12, 2023

0:01:37I Ching Reading & Reflection: Return
0:03:43Farm Update: New KNF Class, New Baby (Dairy) Cow!
0:07:50Welcoming the Office Hour Folks
0:09:04Jennifer’s Testimony of KNF Training in Hawaii with Drake
0:12:32Tasting the knfStructure (Calcium Phosphate)
0:15:10Talking about Steve from Austrailia
0:18:23Jennifer’s Green House & the Importance of the Nutrient Cycle
0:21:30Balancing Nematodes for Optimal Fertility
0:26:51Farming Tomatoes with Fish Waste
0:31:39Highlights from Nov. ’23 KNF Training
0:33:41Experimental IMO Pile with Macadamia Nuts & Woodchips
0:38:58Olfactory & Visual Observations of an Evolving IMO Pile
0:45:20Dr. Hoon Park: The Man Who Brought KNF to Hawaii
0:59:35Sharing Your Life’s Purpose with Others
1:01:43How to Practice KNF if You’re Diabetic
1:03:58People to Point Us in the Right Direction
1:06:14Thanks Folks!
1:07:04KNF: the Most Multi-Generational & Unifying Practice