Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ November 5, 2023

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:00:10Setting Things Up
0:00:50I Ching Reading: The Clinging Fire
0:05:13Drone Update, Flight Course & Glitches
0:08:43Drone Update: Results with Bunchy-Top Bananas
0:18:43Seed & Transplate Soak Solution Explained
0:25:35Aerial View of KNF Kava Farm
0:32:49Low Juice Yielding Plants for knfFood
0:34:50Reverend Logan Shares Wisdome from 20 of Cannabis Stewardship
0:39:26Comfrey & Low Juice Yielding knfFood
0:43:03“Do You Sell Your Goods at a Farmers Market?”
0:46:06Pure KNF Membership
0:48:28KNF Testimonials: Before & After
0:50:00Disgustingly Cheap Food Recipe
0:51:00“Medicine In, Medicine Out”
0:56:09Finding KNF Through Logan & Crrow777
0:56:12Microbial Secret Society Podcast with Crrow777
1:07:31The KNF Book to Start With & Other Resources