Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ February 19, 2023

0:00:00Count down
0:03:23Intro and Welcome
0:04:54I Ching Ready: Holding Together (Union)
0:09:22KNF Office Hour Shorts on YouTube
0:13:53Origin of Master Cho’s KNF
0:15:20Fukuoka’s Methods
0:18:13Applying IMOs over mulch
0:18:40Building Soil Foundation
0:20:10Cho’s knfStructure (Water Soluble Calcium Phospate) Recipe Slideshow
0:26:41“What about the marrow in the bones?”
0:27:09Summing up Cho’s knfStructure (Water Soluble Calcium Phospate) Recipe Presentation
0:28:55Best Method to use for Burning Bones to make knfStructure
0:32:57“Can I dissolve the bones using sulfuric acid?”
0:35:13Cho’s Literature on KnfStructure (Water Solule Calcium Phosphate)
0:38:26Cho’s Literature on HOW TO USE KnfStructure (Water Solule Calcium Phosphate)
0:41:03“Is it possible to make LAB from brown rice?”
0:42:36Characteristics of Calcium and it’s uses in KNF
0:46:05How do you know you need Calcium?
0:47:24Summing up Cho’s knfReproduction (Water Soluble Calcium) Recipe Presentation
0:49:33KnfReproduction Recipe from Start to Finish
0:53:14Cho Literature on Chemistry of knfReproduction (Water Soludble Calcium)
0:56:06Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency in Plants
0:55:50Science of How knfReproduction is Created
1:01:20Methods for Preparing Eggshells for knfReproduction
1:02:11Adding Vinegar to Toasted Eggshells for knfReproduction
1:04:09How to use knfReproduction to Boost Health in Plants & Enhance Taste in Fruit
1:09:13“How Do You Store Your Eggshells?”
1:09:26Foliar Application & Surfactants
1:10:50Thank you and long live the natural farmer!