Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ February 12, 2023

0:02:28Intro and Welcome
0:03:52I Ching Reading – Increase/Powerful Improvement
0:06:30zoom link in chat
0:07:35KNF medicine (OHN)- necessary to make 5 extractions?
0:09:17Master Cho’s Nutrient Cycle
0:13:22fixing zoom connection
0:25:20George explaining his KNF lab
0:26:20back to Master Cho’s Nutrient Cycle
0:29:04Master Cho’s Nutrition Cycle of Crop
0:37:57Master Cho’s Changeover Period
0:42:10Master Cho’s Nutritional Cycle for seedlings
0:47:50Master Cho’s Nutritional Cycle for planting to harvesting
0:52:58Drake’s book explaining the Nutrient Cycle; formulas explained
0:58:53Drake’s book alternating application of formulas
1:03:50chubby/skinny concept
1:04:40committee working on the directory
1:05:34thank yous; long live the Natural Farmer