Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ February 5, 2023

0:00:00count down
0:01:04Intro and Welcome
0:02:10I Ching Reading: Return to the Well of Goodness
0:06:33Mastitis remedy; Milking stantian
0:07:55Using cows to mow the lawn!
0:09:21Beautiful IMOs collected in the desert (Arizona)
0:13:18Drone footage of Pasture Regeneration
0:25:16Beautiful IMOs collected in the desert (Arizona)
0:25:39Integrated animal systems; rotational grazing
0:26:36“chinese spy baloon”
0:27:11Making crystalized sugar for all KNF solutions
0:29:06Is there a way to tell the difference between cane sugar and other types of sugars in a home setting?
0:32:00Master Cho report
0:35:00JADAM in a nut shell
0:37:47Microgreens solutions comparison
0:38:56Making Vinegar with lemon knfFood
0:39:50Microgreens solutions comparison
0:40:35Master Cho’s slide show: knfFood (plants & seaweed)
0:42:48fermented kelp & seaweed
0:44:20Master Cho’s slide show: knfFood (when to collect)
0:46:50KNF Moon Calender for Planting
0:51:39Master Cho’s slide show: knfFood (when to collect)
0:52:33Master Cho’s slide show: knfFood (how to make & use)
1:03:33cobalt levels come from insect urine and frass
1:04:34Combining IMO4 & CheapFood (JMS)