Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ January 29, 2023

0:04:49Intro & Welcome
0:06:15I Ching Reading: Nourishment
0:10:25looking back at office hours; invitation to be a part of knf office hours 2023!
0:13:00Stonemason’s cucumber vinegar; comparing SCOBYs
0:14:28Georges microgreens timelapse; knf solutions display with recipes
0:08:05Georges knf InstantGram
0:20:05Knf class tour of Moose’s kava farm
0:29:01We got a milk cow! turning grass into proteins; spraying the pasture; drone time lapse
0:32:15Does the cow pen have a living floor? natural rememdy for mastitis
0:37:09Paul Stamets interview on HFUU speaker series
0:43:53Master Cho’s slideshow; PureKNF terminology
0:46:11Getting into knfFood; what it is & why you use it; the origin of knfFood recipe
0:48:48recognizing the philosophical process of making knfFood as shown on master cho’s slideshow
0:54:12what kind of plants do you want to collect to make knfFood?
0:55:42how to get the most juice out of your plants; mugwort, dropwort (dry land watercress)
0:59:15reference to supersaturation in Master Cho’s slide
0:59:52making knfFood from bamboo shoots
1:01:07knfFood from arrowroot or kudzu, cedar, five-leaf akebia, seaweed
1:04:56knfFood made from fruits with no commercial value; old knfFoods
1:06:27knfFood from flower of false acacia
1:07:29knfFood for reproductive phase