Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ January 15, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:03:30Introduction & Welcome
0:04:30I Ching Reading: Darkening of the Light
0:07:40international week long training at the farm; drought in east hawaii
0:10:01chipping trees, sugarcane stocks, IMO4, fish
0:01:40“Join the watering club”; climate change; evaporation
0:12:29Master Cho’s open source presentations
0:14:27Fermenting Seaweed; biofuel with microalgae; trace minerals
0:15:42kudzu vine (high nitrogen weed)
0:16:53fermenting comfrey, mugwort, basil; explosive knfFood; white mold; bubbling over
0:19:50climate change from farming & water evaporation; Mark Cohen;
0:22:28Ernst Gotsch; syntropic farming; desert farming
0:25:05fermented seaweed RECIPE (knfFood recipe)
0:29:03making fermented seaweed from dried seaweed
0:30:55fermented plant extracts; difference between FPE & FPJ
0:32:42“giberrellin”; fungi; mycorhiza; knfFood
0:33:55using hard boiled eggshells in knfReproduction process
0:35:53permaculture books and resources
0:36:54regenerative livestock pasture management; fish waste covered with 1MO4; science of agroforester
0:42:5010 principals of syntropic farming w/ Pedro
0:49:06IMO process throughout 7 day class training
0:53:26comparing the differences between IMO3 & IMO4 and the process
1:05:10plant indicators; ferns & high alluminum in soil; KNF corrects phosphorous deficiency
1:10:18Bonus question for Pedro & Ben: What is your message to the world?