Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 3, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:14I Ching Reading – “K’un” The Receptive
0:06:14Where to get recipe books – black & white hard copies
0:07:22how to deal with sandy soils
0:08:08vinegar with a kombucha SCOPY
0:10:51farming in Findland; pond remediation; Julia runs hose/sprayer from pond to garden
0:17:21how much solutions should fertilize a food forest?
0:20:33my lab is starting to smell like alcohol
0:21:39how to video on supersaturation, preserving solutions long term; certification course
0:24:34excellerate compost; imo breaks down straw in 3 weeks
0:25:09using IMOs in combo with cover crops
0:26:32can i use a ceramic liner in a crock pot for fermentation? clay vessels; fermenting in plastic
0:30:13come to Hawaii, learn KNF & stay at our AirBnB; Ocean Nests @ 3 Rivers Farms
0:37:09can KNF be used on cannabis? Royal Flush Farms; microbial secret society podcast
0:41:44when do i use knfProtectors on my crop? new vocabulary makes common sense & knf application easy
0:44:48my knfFuel doesn’t want to mix into water; too oily
0:48:11tips for IMO/microbe collection in the hot & rainy season? Disgustingly Cheap microbes recipe (book)
0:52:05seawater recipe made from salt & water; recipe in book
0:53:56how to store seawater at home?
0:54:26mixing IMOs into worm farm; be careful
0:55:32how many times a week can i feed knfProtectors to my animals? pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheeps, dogs, cats
0:56:45can grown corn make a good based substrate for culturing IMO3?
0:57:30making vinegar from leftover knfFood material; whats the best knfCleanser recipe?
0:59:15can i use dried powdered keave beans as a substrate for culturing IMO3
1:00:42concept of exponential growth; doubling period; youtube: the most important video you’ll ever see; microbes