Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 26, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:22I Ching Reading – 22. Grace
0:05:52Julia shares natural farming in Finland video of her spraying her garden greenhouse!
0:09:42Post Up Media shares video of their knf farm in Panama
0:16:00Introducing special guest Kahn; farming in Vietnam
0:21:22Christianity and KNF; man as caretaker of all Life
0:23:04What are some of the challenges of Vietnamese farmers? generation gaps
0:26:18agent orange; contaminated soil and rainwater; cancer
0:28:20natural farming for bioremediation and human empowerment
0:31:58cleaning up dioxin with mushrooms; humic acid/structure
0:34:36what kinds of folks are you working with?
0:37:00KNF rice farming in Korean; less sowing higher yeilds
0:39:39helping Vietnamese farmers transition from chemical to KNF; changing world view/values before behavior
0:43:34who are your “rockstar” natural farmers? confidence building with KNF successes
0:45:36whats the most beloved KNF solution of your vietnamese farmers?
0:51:04Is JADAM sulfur truly organic? ancient pesticide; last resort; precautions; dosage; sulfur in the soil
1:00:28sugar vs molases; using muscovado for solutions
1:09:16bionutrient meter; measuring nutrition facts
1:14:09why does JADAM say sugar is “bad” and yet Han-kyu Cho’s methods depend on sugar?