Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 19, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:28I Ching Reading – Opposition
0:04:54ponzi schemes
0:05:50KNF shaka tea! June 2022 hawaiian mamaki knf class
0:13:11Disgustingly Cheap Microbes (w/ picture of ready batch)
0:19:41dry farmed tomatoes companied by horsetail
0:21:36seeing mycellia in the compost pile; humic acid
0:26:12greyish color in IMO pile; temperature drop and dryout
0:28:51do I need knfMedicine to make Propogated IMO?
0:31:04knfFuel has white hairs
0:33:18knf support . com
0:34:03knfProtectors heals stomach issues; Dr. Park
0:36:58can river salmon substitute for ocean fish for knfFuel
0:36:41overuse of knfProtectors
0:39:38knfStructure in the maintenance formula, effects on micorhiza
0:41:39knfFood vs CheapFood
0:43:33how much food goes into knf chicken feed with IMO & maitenance formula?
0:46:00how to make solid knfProtectors from rice bran
0:47:45can turkeys or guiny fowel be raised the same as knf chickens? brown rice, bamboo, eggs
0:48:34substitutes for brown rice in knf chick rearing
0:49:34old acronyms vs pureknf names; effective teaching; intuitive farming
0:50:48where can i buy physical capies of the recipe book?
0:51:09mossy tree KNF recipe
0:51:58using a kombucha SCOPY for vinegar making
0:52:26can i use carp to make knfFuel?
0:52:44fermented sea water
0:54:13distinguishing between knfFood types by use
0:55:37collecting IMO in the desert; microbial secret society; searching for topics w/in office hour on knf support . com
0:59:57how soon can you see changes in the soil thru the microscope after using knf soil foundation formula?
1:02:15online knf course free on youtube