Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 12, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:28I Ching Reading – Development (Gradual Progress)
0:06:47using LAB to break down algae/spirulina; amending with spirulina/kelp; grow in a fish tank; FPE;
0:11:30purple non-sulfur bacteria
0:13:56integrated animal farming; decomposition ecology; study by Jeff Tomberlin of my pig pen; forensic laboratory for investigative entimological sciences
0:17:36fish waste; solider fly maggots; IMO experiement
0:20:13“the more I learn the less I need”; advanced natural farming: master the basics; research
0:21:50pumping solutions thru irrigation, sprinklers; lactor bacillus in the pond
0:25:40liquid IMO; to aerate or not to aerate; Master Cho’s BMW (bacteria mineral water) systems
0:27:56should i use river water, estuary or ocean water? minerals; life/biology; nutrients
0:29:36LAB keep E. Coli at bay; the “Milkey Whey”
0:30:42knfStructure & teeth
0:31:33LAB & E. Coli; food; knfProtectors; lactobaccilus; meat tenderizing
0:33:34liquid IMO tea; bubbles; time till completion; how to tell when done
0:35:46lactobaccillus eliminated E. coli in three different trials
0:36:37tooth ache; oral biology/probiotic; nutrition
0:38:34“can old bones found in the ground be used for knfStructure?”
0:38:58storing seawater
0:40:08knfFood for correcting mineral/nutrient defficiency in crops; seaweed & LAB
0:41:18extracting yucca medicine
0:41:58plant juice, OHN, LAB DRINK BAR; popularize KNF; mixed drinks; non-alcoholic beverage; KNF religinon/ideology
0:44:40knfFood spurce tips; terpines
0:47:27knfFood microbial breakdown
0:48:06whats good to use against powery mildew? knfProtectors spray schedule; microbial theory behind this solution; good biology
0:52:32JADAM sulfur recipe against PM (powdering mildew); yucca
0:53:46hortail tea against PM; silica
0:55:22fermentation break down of toxins; knfFood recipe breadowns oxalic acid/oxalates
0:56:20can LAB be used inside a house against black mold? vinegar; simple green
0:57:39dandelion, spreading bamboo, horsetail knfFood; kidneys; NPK; balanced nutrition
1:00:57microbial secrety society episodes on inflation, viruses, micro RNA, famines