Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 5, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:02:20I Ching Reading – Obstruction
0:06:38Royal Flush Farms – naturally farmed pork, eggs, flower tincture, salve
0:07:55Microbial Secret Society featuring Royal Flush Farms: cannabis IPM, KNF vs Hydro
0:11:26send in your KNF videos and we’ll air it on office hour
0:12:09potassium hydroxide (KOH) precautions for making soap
0:15:15Post Up Media video: IMO3: A Visual Journey
0:21:21George from Latvia video: IMO innoculated goat manure, #savesoil
0:23:54leaving your farm longterm, increasing the fertility while you’re gone
0:24:37post up media’s picture of completed IMO3 (PIMO)
0:26:30meeting people into earth repair; helping friends start KNF gardens; Cheap Microbes
0:31:06spreading bamboo, a great source for knfFood at your feet! just balance with Cleanser/ACV; aspen tree
0:34:06knfProtectors for the laundry and the compost pile; break it down twice as fast
0:36:36disgustingly Cheap Microbes (JMS)
0:37:25date seeds
0:41:46raw milk for LAB knfProtectors; competing bacteria; soft curds/yogurty
0:46:32lactobaccillus in the pond preventing algae blooms
0:48:14sacred geometry; round/flat earth
0:50:33LAB & ginger shampoo; ava’puhi; probiotic natural shampoo
0:51:50acceptance & love of different perspectives; natural farming/biology is so forgiving; right intention
0:55:37raw milk LAB; each batch is slightely different
0:57:23surfaces for culturing IMO3/4 on; precautions; cardboard, plywood, dirt, stone
1:00:00Pure KNF Foundation; natural farming hawaii . net
1:01:29humic acid cultivation; worms! compost worm farm
1:02:25supersaturate lacto to solve surface mold problem; fine filter
1:03:28culturing IMO pile in the yard over grass