Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 22, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:30I Ching Reading: Treading (Conduct)
0:04:27we the people are the government; oppressive foreign bankers; the federal reverse; sovreignty & empowerment
0:13:51hedging inflation; JADAM/Disgustingly Cheap solutions; United Fruit; shifting economy; microbial loans
0:19:53liberty; KNF activism; spray public places; toxins become resources for IMO
0:26:10knfProtectors/LAB for sick cow [update this cow lives!]
0:27:48become a leader! demonstrate KNF with your actions; start your own group
0:28:54you are the government; god given human rights; reclaim power/resources; microbe mineral connection
0:30:36DNA as a transmitter/reciever/modulator; ionesphere
0:32:44knfFuel dilutions; recycle resources back into the land; magnify resources
0:34:47blockchain; best investments: farm infrastructure, tools, the land; prosperity generating machine
0:37:09goverment regulations; love is the answer; plan for new american century
0:41:02vital tools for healing; kidney infection
0:42:49goat manure; knfProtectors; mitigating pathogens; planting in concentric circles; fermented mixed compost; legacy recipe
0:48:15collecting IMOs indoors; knf video channel; soil science; knf video learning series
0:53:20if you’re interested in collaborating with Drake to help KNF video production please reach out!
0:52:23extensive KNF video library; trips to Korea; “Occupy”/Let’s Grow Hilo movement
1:04:30knfProtectors rice wash water collection/wait time