Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 15, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:19I Ching Reading – Enthusiasm
0:08:00“no drench effect”; a good batch of JADAM solution; dilutions
0:11:20collecting imos at outside at 10C/50F; collecting seedIMO inside
0:12:22maintenance for goat & human health; coffee alternative; calcium
0:17:05dogfood & woodchips as IMO3 substrate alternative
0:21:27what kind of IPM do you practice with knf? cucumber beetle; knfStructure/Reproduction
0:26:32healing holes in teeth; calcium phosphate; nutrient density
0:28:05eating bokashi
0:29:20what kind of dogfood? adding extra plant juice to
0:30:53epigenetics; DNA
0:32:08what is an ideal carbolhydrate for making IMO3/4? balanced food
0:33:50do you char eggshells for Reproduction indoors?
0:34:36woodchips for no-smell chicken coop; IMO3/4; lactobacillus; maintenance; meat birds
0:36:20will disgustingly cheap microbes get rid of weeds? biological succession; bacteria/fungi ratio; nitrogen cycle; microbial theory
0:44:35manganese deficiency & citrus greening; symbiotic relationship between roots & fungi
0:40:40how long does knfFood last in storage? growth tip, fruit, flower juice
0:48:08Liebig; chasing chemistry; correcting mineral/nutirnet definitiency with biology; organic matter
0:50:09mineral balancing; seawater; good biology balances soil
0:50:53collecting/storing rainwater; algae; knfProtectors
0:52:42planting in dry conditions with moderate winds; biochar; mulching with woodchips
0:53:55OHN/knfMedicine herb subsitutes; ginger/garlic
0:54:50what is the best way to utilize biochar? IMO4
0:56:00culantro ground cover
0:56:51Nate Mushin/Brown Sugar farms; microbial secret society podcast
0:59:37what kind of IMOs are we collecting? “Unraveling the Mystery of the Natural Farming (Korean) system” scientific paper
1:04:04feeding JMS to pigs (DO NOT); knfProtectors; animal probiotic