Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 8, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:26I Ching Reading – Gathering Together
0:04:09Intro/explanation for todays video:
0:06:55How to Collect IMOs indoors; greenhouse; cold weather
0:11:22What is Natural Farming? Master Cho & his masters; Drake’s English translation of the 9 core sollution
0:12:24The 9 tools of KNF overview
0:13:31The Microbes; The Protectors (the Police, LAB); disease, virus, bunchy top
0:15:08Food, Cleanser, Medicine, Structure, Fuel, Reproductions, Minerals
0:16:582 sets of Microbes: Soil & Air (IMOs & Protectors/LAB); Basic concept of KNF & it’s action
0:21:04Maintenance (common denomenator of all formulas); Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; food, cleanser, medicine, structure
0:23:14Fuel, Reproductions, Minerals; juevenile plants; flowering & fruiting plants; translocation of nutrients; splitting; calicum; flexibility; remineralization
0:26:15How to USE knf solutions; intuitive names/tools; old language & acronyms
0:30:18KNF mimics natural systems; symbiotic relationship between plants & IMOs; photosynthesis; earth mineral; fungi/bacteria; sugar exudates
0:36:00natural cleanser in the soil; biohack the soil with diverse knfFood; healthy monoculture & ecosystem
0:38:31The 9 tools put into practice; the 7 prescriptions & stages/cycle of plant growth: soil, seed, leaf, bloom/flowering, fruiting, harvest
0:45:50Timelines for spraying; restoring old cane lands; soil formula; drenching poor soil
0:50:30“FoodTacos”, raised garden beds for home growing veggies; PureKNF veteran’s project
0:52:10Understanding “Good” vs “Bad” vs “Neutral” Microbes; soil balance; master the basics; good run-off
1:01:03Stabilizing Climate Change thru KNF practices; sequestering carbon; holding water; healing the earth