Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 1, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:24I-Ching Reading: Corners of the Mouth (Nourishment)
0:06:52What are the signs the knf solutions have gone bad? (esp knfFood & Protectors)
0:11:22HFUU zoom class (Farm Aprprentice Mentorship) : Solution & Microbial Therory videos 1&2
0:13:22YouTube certification course in KNF; master Cho, Young-san Cho, Elain Ingam videos
0:14:40hard copies of KNF recipe book available
0:17:00transplanting sapplings; seed soak solution
0:19:41feeding plants back onto themselves; contraindications? sprout food solution
0:21:46knf transplant solution/application practice; seed soak solution; knf Structure for s
0:22:45does supersaturated knfFood need to be covered with solid lid? storing knfMedicine
0:23:45storing IMO3&4
0:26:39making Disgustingly Cheap Microbe; how to tell when its ready; dirty container
0:30:31best way to transport IMO box to IMO collection site
0:31:39setting an IMO box in cold weather
0:33:20fermented mix compost with IMOs & byproducts of making other knf solutions
0:36:45looking at knf solutions under a microscope
0:39:42using brewers waste (spent grains) in IMOs
0:41:11does the IMO box have to be cedar? other natural alternatives
0:42:50collecting IMOs inside
0:44:16what is the “red dirt?” included in IMO4? why “red dirt”? alternatives
0:48:21does apple vinegar have any disadvantages? live vinegar vs white vinegars
0:49:49molasses; brown sugar; activation; preservation
0:50:55Dr. Wayne Bird, urban collection of IMOS
0:51:55using molases for a plant extract; turning every solution knfFood into vinegar
0:54:09herbalcides; insecticide; soap; knfFood
0:56:09where to start in knf; disgustingly cheap microbes! a few hours to several days
0:57:16imo pile goes for seventeen days! water, moisture
0:58:23adding knf soltutions to “loam” up soil
0:59:23starting knf in small scale; cheap microbes
0:59:50wet imo pile (horsefeed)
1:01:06what is the smallest amount of rice you could set for an IMO box?
1:02:40too much calcium in soil
1:03:36knfsupport a question answer vote system website