Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Apr 24, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
2:10iChing- Inner Truth
4:20we have to do Inner Truth with Natural Farming, no force, it’s subtle; how can I cooperate with trillions of other life forms?
7:00citrus trees in Australia; don’t wait for OHN to make IMO3
8:20trees in pregnancy phase; make KNF Food (FPJ) out of something that aggregates magnesium; and also as the IMOs get into your soil they will find the magnesium
9:40tomatoes also in the pregnancy phase- there’s a two week cycle- look at the leaves for the cumulative (chubby/leaf) growth stage; when it stretches (skinny growth) it’s more reproductive growth- notice this
13:00apply leaf growth spray when it’s chubby; when it reaches out, give the reproduction growth
14:15with lime, one week spray leaf, next week spray puberty/changeover and the third week apply the fruit spray
14:52how much IMO4 do I put around my trees? about 3-5 lbs per tree; sprinkle it around the drip zone
15:30it is worth doing in the winter; the microbes will penetrate the soil; feed them with the soil solution for a couple of weeks in a row
16:55can I make a large batch of tea just using KNF Protectors/Police (LAB)? Yes but you must include the nutrients
17:4855 gal- add .2 liters (200ml)
18:14encourage mushrooms- spray the nutrients and they will pop during certain seasons
18:45Saskatchewan CA and far from the ocean- can replace fish aminos with beef aminos? yes, good idea, especially the brains, and when finished remove bones and use them for something else
19:42sugar cap on the top of the KNF Fuel- it’s just a start, do it once, it will dissolve; don’t top it up, you’ll add too much
20:28all beef parts are good to use
20:46Mega Profit Farming book is sold out now
21:07C90 sea salt to make sea water
22:55take out personal stuff?
23:57making sea water
24:30BRV, vinegars made from fruit
26:27white vinegar for extraction
26:43OK to buy stronger ingredients and dilute to save money
28:28feeding pigs on the internet
30:30picture of IMO collection, spread the knowledge
32:27mango orchard in India- structure and reproduction made from plant sources? KNF reproduction can be made from coral
34:10biochar in a retort
35:29making vinegar- can mix them?
36:18KNF Protectors- when to use, not use
37:38soil success
38:34preventing critters in IMO collection boxes
43:12IMO collection
47:13disgustingly cheap microbes- JMS-
50:00which solutions to add?
51:20can use different grains than rice? starches?
52:22setting the box
54:50KNF Food with dandelions- ratios- don’t add water
58:32IMO3 using a tarp?
1:00:10IMO3 resources to make with rice bran, rice hulls, spent mushroom spawn
1:01:50PureKNF Foundation; for Office Hours