Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Apr 17, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:25I Ching Reading – Inner Truth
0:05:50Making knfFuel – adding extra sugar; white stuff (mold) on top; sugar cap; lactobacillus; imos/ohn NOT neccessary for making Fuel
0:10:49mitigating mold on knfFuel (with pictures); bacillus simplis;
0:12:58recovering pastures; jadam microbe solution; water as a carrier of imos; soil foundation recipe; manure
0:19:43are KNF and JADAM compatible to rebuild the soil food web; Oragnic Cultivars Super Natural Conference 2022; feed Bibi the pig; watcher her live; Chomp Cam
0:25:30how edible is this fish amino acid with mold? the nose knows
0:26:57can i grow out microbes with potatoes and woodchips?
0:29:00can i make OHN without alchohol?
0:32:56herbicides in the material used for fermentation; imos &biochar breakdown roundup/herbicides; poison becomes a foodsource
0:36:18pictures of trashed/poisoned land (downtown Hilo) rehabilitated FAST with IMOs, biochar, woodchips & plants
0:39:51How soon can I use my OHN? Rule Zero; as particles micronize knfMedicine gets better/more potent
0:41:41do i have to have OHN to make IMO4?
0:43:11KNF plant nursery philosophy; how to handle transplants; orientation of plants; magnetic field; seed soak solution
0:47:26Why do we use sugar instead of salt for fermentation? compatible with biology we’re after; adding salt
0:49:24our IMO2 has a thin white crust (mold) growing on it, is that OK?
0:51:40can i use cococore, pulverized banana stalk, spent coffee grounds to make IMO4?
0:55:25is potato starch the best starch to use for cheap microbe solution, or can i use brownrice pasta?
0:56:20should i put OHN in the bird water while bird flu is going around? airflow; microbes in their food; lacto
0:58:25dandelion fermente knfFood; great base FPJ
1:01:12Comp Cam reacts; Long Live the Natural Farmer!