Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Apr 10, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
1:38Welcome and iChing- The Joyous Lake- 58
6:25KNF is clean earth farming
7:00OHN- molding in fermentaion; ginger ferments fast
8:38pile size for making fermented compost- bigger is better
9:50KNF Reproduction- pouring off and off-gassing; make sure no rotten egg smell
11:40making KNF Food- oranges ok? 3 categories- plant tips, unripe fruit and flowers and ripe fruits
13:10add JMS and JLF to compost tea? don’t brew it, it’s gross, add it in at the end- it’s anaerobic, don’t aerate it
14:25check out George’s garden- Drake please type in the link to follow George ; growing food, building tools and community, amazing quesadillas; goat manure, cardboard, mulching with straw; making biochar
20:30George’s questions- white stuff while making KNF Fuel (FAA)- every batch looks different
22:50when solutions are done, super saturated, store with air-tight lid
23:30pastures to recover- how to rejuvenate with KNF; drill in fish
25:57seawater is your friend; it remineralizes your land; drench with disgustingly cheap microbes
26:40start with a small area; for this scale, make liquid teas of microbes and the solutions
28:26ways to support soil food web- are JADAM and KNF compatible with microbes application
29:08the more microbes you put out the better, feed the dust on the top and soak the microbes in
30:00guest George on screen; KNF conversation; integrate the animals with the microbes; put IMO4 into the feed
41:15goat cheese
46:00KNF is a solution for rising fertilizer prices- fertility can come from microorganisms and fermentation; we can grow our own fertilizer
48:25use a bucket heater to be able to make microbes when it’s cold
49:32get the knowledge to people
50:50George’s community; growing microgreens
53:44how to demonstrate the miracle of IMO with rotting fish- there’s no smell
57:21mix manure with IMOs
57:49use IMOs and KNF Protectors to deal with smelly pathogens
59:17show and tell for KNF Reproduction
1:03:42thanks for tuning in; sponsored by PureKNF Foundation
1:04:00email questions to Drake at
1:04:33long live the Natural Farmer