Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Apr 3, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
1:19Welcome and iChing- The Power of the Great
4:36viewers from all over the world tunng in
5:25what application does KNF have in vermicomposting/worm bins? KNF Protectors (LAB) really helps; don’t use KNF Medicine (OHN) leftovers; chop evrything very fine and add solutions
9:30how to apply IMO4 to area with existing trees; How to Soil Formula on Drake’s YouTube channel
14:10in the video spread the IMOs around the drip line of the tree as well as KNF Fuel soaked biochar; visual videos compliment the Recipes book; spray Soil Prep Solution on top; and periodically spray foods
18:25rain is oxygenated water- microbes oppose erosion as they build humic structures that holds the soil and minerals in place
20:49dusting 5 llbs per 100 sq ft as Eyewiness says and apply the Soil Solution which is found in the Recipe Book at and the KNF app which calculates the amounts
22:06video about KNF breaking down rocks- “Melting Puna Rock with Indigenous Micro Organisms”- lava rocks put into the IMO4 pile as it was being turned
23:25rock is solidified minerals
24:14what does KNF suggest for pest and disease control in tomatoes? Healthy soil produces healthy plants that produce healthy food and then it’s easy to grow healthy humans
25:14understand what pests you have- can make the recipe for soap found in the Recipe Book; there are also videos on the internet
27:07well known method to kill pests by Young San Cho, detailed in his book
27:24bug traps using KNF Food
27:45too much sugar with KNF Fuel? It’s diluted 1/1000 or 1/3000 so it’s almost hoemopathic because it’s so diluted- refer to the Prescriptions page in the Recipe Book
29:46should you be worried about too much sugar while making KNF Fuel? It’s a matter of cost. If sugar is falling to the bottom of the bucket, you could be overdoing it and wasting sugar
30:51goats? Feed them IMO4 in their feed and they will poop pefect IMO pellets
32:03in JADAM there’s JWA and different JLAs you can use- Disgustingly Cheap Food in the Recipe Book; adding different materials gives you different nutrient profiles
32:48recipes are out there as open source
33:18sprouting quinoa and hemp seeds; Seed Soak Solution
34:54IMOs take away fishy smell
35:44collecting IMO during rainy season- use a large tarp; make disgustingly cheap microbes during the rainy season
40:02can liquid IMO be applied as a foliar spray; better to add IMOs to the soil and spray the formulas; build the soil foundation
43:02adapting plants to your climate with KNF soil foundation and formulas
44:34FAA; KAA (kuhol amino acid)- can be made from slugs
45:30how long to soak seeds- seeds that sprout quickly need less soaking time
46:33Seed Soak Theory- seeds should inherit the microbiology of their parents but they may not; inside and out
50:42recommend taking Chris class? the more teachers you can learn from, the bettter; however there is some info that’s not good out there- determine what works for you
54:20PureKNF Foundation
55:24look for sponsors to help you get to the KNF Farm; and then you can teach them; make a teaching hub
57:06the wealth of a nation is the soil- new world order of microbes, feeding people
58:22IMOs indoors; Protectors (LAB)
59:50active mentors- Drake is a primary mentor every Sunday
1:00:50FB mentorship is questionable
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1:03:30spreading Natural Farming is more important than egos and personalities
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1:04:46KNF love to the whole family
1:05:00long live the Natural Farmer