Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Mar 27, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
1:05questions? send them to
1:30Welcome and iChing- Keeping Still or Mountain
5:05fiber optic internet now- little delay for Live Chat
5:30KNF for pigs; Feed My Pigs- Twitter name is ChompCam- subscribe on Twitter and get Tweets
13:20YouTube Channel- My Pigs- you can subscribe
15:20IceAge Farmer- the famine is coming
15:25disgustingly cheap food- should you aerate?
17:25KNF food that’s 1 year old- use for fruiting stage rather than juvenile stage
19:14new March 2, 2022 edition of KNF Recipe Book- if you bought a subscription to it- you should be getting an update sson; limited # of printed copies to ship; available on
19:50making soap and application
20:20seed soak solution- when to use; detailed in the Recipe Book
25:10disgustingly cheap food
26:04sulfur for athlete’s foot
26:39hard copy editions of the Recipe Book- yes available in color and B&W
28:03dilute disgustingly cheap food?
28:45KNF in the high desert? Justin Chappelle is jus outside of Bend, OR
29:25screen of ChompCam
31:15more about the Recipe Book
33:27smelly IMO1
37:25salt or freshwater fish?
38:30KNF Medicine (OHN) with ginger- too much sugar? similar to making KNF Food
44:28FKNF Fuel (FAA) – good to eat; fish sauce; human health
45:00chicken video on YouTube channel (PureKNF Dr Drake)- 10 episodes in a playlist about poultry- raw footage from Korea
48:53samples of high quality solutions for people to buy
50:03maintenance solution- it can be a shortcut to making other prescriptions
52:34chicken box info- not on website
53:12caution selling- OMRI list of materials- everything we talk about is OMRI approved as natural materials
55:21Liking and subscribing to the channel helps the movement- share the information
56:09maintenance solution
57:07selling- don’t make any claims, don’t sell it as a fertilizer- sell it as a garden amendment and avoid getting in trouble
58:10share and cross promote KNF channels
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