Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Mar 20, 2022

0:003rd time trying to broadcast, had technical difficulties
0:52Welcome and iChing- 40 Deliverance
8:10gathering IMO- diversity is where its at
11:15KNF Protectors (LAB)- culturing it, purification
14:15classes on Oahu? Best to come to the farm for hands-on
14:55spray the microbes everywhere- check out Brother Daniel Anthony
16:03substitute for substrates such as dog food and mil run for IMO3?
19:50clean 55 gallon drums with motor oil?
20:35KNF Protectors (LAB)- mix batches?
21:10making LAB without milk purification step
22:49where to start KNF as a beginner- KNF Protectors (LAB) and KNF Food- recipes available in the Recipe Book at
25:50planting bananas- plant tech
28:07disgustingly cheap microbes- what to add for weekly spraying
29:47donate directly
31:10solutions to add to disgustingly cheap microbes
32:00app- KNF solution calculator so you don’t have to figure it out
32:22begin with the 9 core solutions which can be combined to make 7 formulas
35:40your nose knows
35:49don’t premix the disgustingly cheap microbes; make the maintenanace formula will it work to feed a papaya?
41:20Recipe with IMO4 to make feed
41:30somebody else fed Bibi! A ggod chomp! It works!
48:22soaking charcoal in IMO tea or just nutrients and add IMO after applying biochar?
49:00any use for 2 yr old well-fermented noni?
49:30Office Hours are archived on get the Recipe Book there also
50:00Long live the Natural Farmer