Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Mar 13, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
00:33summary of I Ching – Biting Through
01:00introducing David & Darla
02:22interest in KNF soil/imo bath to heal cancer
04:32what an imo bath looks like; how it works for human health
07:24sauna, infrared light & heat; microorganism making love
08:33video clip of women being barried into IMO pile
09:11how often do they reccomend doing imo bath treatment?
13:55Diet shifting for cancer; green juicing; vegetarian; omnivore; organic food; chemo; sauna; Rife machine; coloidal silver
17:32describing type of brest cancer tumor; cannabis; cbd
19:13starting a protocal for healing; Rick symptom; indica oil; dosage
20:55FPJ/knfFood; sugar; osmosis pulls the good juice but leaves the toxic parts behind; essential juice; concentrated medicine
26:36is older or fresher FPJ better for human health? spraying humans with plant juice
29:30bathing with FPJ; aloe vera; roses; skin care
30:22eating fish amino acid
32:51Lactic Acid Bacteria; mamalian health; skin & hair care; absorbing nutrients thru skin
35:29What is OHN? knfMedicine; function; dilution
38:45most important mineral you need to heal; beets; spinach; herbs
40:55self-reliance; sovreighty; KNF grown produce is delicious!
42:47eating FPJ; energizing plant juice
44:06Angelica. subsituting OHN herbs for local varieties; alcohol tincture; cannabis root tincture
46:39cannabis (whole plant) fermented plant juice preparation
48:05using medicinal plants & cannabis for healing
50:00bio nutrient/ nutrient density meter for testing foods
51:54soil health = human health. soil biology becomes the human immune system
54:01IMO soil bath details; mitrochondria synchronization / therapy & relaxation
58:29Eczema healed by IMO bath
1:00:00IMO bath pile treatment flow; temperature limits; hydration to minimize detox symptoms
1:06:14Where do people follow your jounrey?
1:07:28What is your MESSAGE TO THE WORLD?