Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Mar 6, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
01:00I Ching Reading – Kuan, Contemplation
03:21Climate Warrior; KNF/cheap solutions for climate change; carbon vs. toxic environement
10:19Ice Age Farmer; food crisis; survival gardening; KNF is the best solution
13:29Hawaii Farmers Union United;
14:35PureKNF channel; office hour; recipes/videos; whole classes by Master Cho; Basic Poultry; free info
17:27donate link; superchat;
18:50new format; streamyard; facebook
20:38direct KNF activism
22:02Key differences between water solution calcium & calcium phosphate?
25:15What to do with a bunch of ASH
26:12How do plants grow; 96% of a plant comes from the AIR, 4% from the soil
29:25if FAA looks “soupy”… how to know if FAA is GOOD
30:09Filtering FAA
31:44Where can i get a paper copy of the Recipe book?
35:09BE THE FED; the banking system is the problem; fractional reserve lending; soil health is wealth
42:05you don’t have to live on a farm; veganism; integrated animals; vegan to what degree? fungi are sentient
43:13integrated animal farming is VITAL; you can build a no-smell animal pen ANYWHERE
44:51you can raise animals w/o slaughter & reap all the benefits of an integrated-animal farming system
45:33Practical solutions to what i thought were hopeless problems… FARMING is the SOLUTION
46:35price of sugar is going up…. DITCH the sugar, go untra lowcost/JADAM
50:50Ukraine; food crisis; gas prices
52:09JADAM microbes to heal the land cheaply; JMS from flour
55:33politics is theater; you have the power; we are the government
57:51how LAB works to protect you inside & out
59:17worry of mercury in knfFUEL microbial transmutation; homeopathy dose
1:01:16you can become the FED; for KNF questions; vote system