Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Feb 27, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
1:33I Ching reading – Hwan- Desertion/Dissolution
5:27Sprayers that Drake uses
10:05PureKNF Farm grown dried bananas and cassave flour- let Drake know if you’re interested in buying
11:15Question about if there is anything to do specifically with KNF to prepare a grow space?
14:43Question on gemstones and crystals- BMW (Bacterila Mineral Water)
15:35Vortex Brewer- instructional video on how to build is found on
22:36PureKNF Foundation runs; Office Hours with corresponding Table of Contents catalogued so you can easily view topics and time
24:00Pea shoot plant juice for micro-greens
24:44Pig pen size for farrowing
26:05Any egg shells to make egg yolk oil and WCA (Reproduction)? and vinegar to make WCP (Structure)?
27:12Question about what to use to make a wetting agent, 5 gallon bucket?
28:00Can you store WCA and WCP outside the fridge?
29:20Human consumption of WCA and WCP
30:37Fermenting egg yolk with brown sugar?
30:53How to use weeds in Natural Farmng?
31:41Check out Eyewitness (Thomas) in Florida for Natural Farming there
32:22Drake’s teaching is by demand
34:08Where to buy book?
35:06Location for IMO collection
37:01Transform sandy soil into growing medium
39:06Micro greens- dilution of sprays; available in the PureKNF Recipes book at and also the KNF App on your phone
41:25What kind of organic matter? Material vs. matter
42:57mixing one or more than one FPJ/Food right before applying
43:44Hawaii Sustainable- organic matter used
44:43University of Hawaii papers-, under Getting Started, go to the tutorials, Helpful How-To Guides
46:43Soak the Biochar in IMO?
47:38Brown sugar- can you make your own? for Drake’s YouTube channel and there is a playlist, KNF sugar vs, molasses
50:49Access to info in Korean language?
51:57Sugar in the Raw; molasses
53:10Natural Farmers in Alaska
53:38Pig pen sizes and what kind od wood to use
55:48Organic sugar- use it if you can but it’s expensive
56:25PureKNF and permaculture for the win
56:54When making IMO does it matter if the water is cold ot not?
58:00Using KNF to control moss on a fruit tree?
59:48How to keep deer and rabbits out of your garden?
1:00:47Raising chicks the KNF way
1:02:43Tank you for tuning in; tax deductible donations can be made at
1:04:10Long Live the Natural Farmer