Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Feb 20, 2022

0:00Intro and welcome
1:16I Ching reading – Ting – The Chaldron
6:39What more did you get from being here? Seeing, tasting, feeling, smelling, experiencing
8:04Seed IMO/IMO1 – cool to touch – wait an extra day
9:07Can powdered milk be used to make LAB – curds, whey, lactose sugar, lactobacillus
11:50Powdered goats milk for LAB
12:21Can you ferment with honey? costs/benefit
14:11powdered (goat) milk LAB – odd cheese curds
15:00which KNF solutions should I start with? LAB!! versatility, speed, easy, healthy to drink yourself
17:16edible solutions for integrated human health; probiotics after surgery & antibiotics for rapid recovery
20:43Bill Mulicen (permaculture). Jeff Lowenfels: Teeming with- Nutrients, Microbes Fungi
21:37Botany starting with the cell; cycling nutrients in the ecosystem; ionic nutrients, positive/negative
22:48teaming with microbes & fungi
24:34failed or slow batches of LAB; cool temperatures; yogurt; natto (bacillus subtilus)
27:05knfFuel (FAA), sugar on the bottom, should i stir?
28:33First time making knfFuel (FAA), smells good
32:08Getting ready to pour off knfFuel: does it need to be supersaturated to be stored? lacto in FAA
34:13supersaturation keeps microbes dormant
36:36how do i choose plants for fermented plant juice / knfFood?
37:55aggressive weeds for knfFood (Japanese knotweed); nuisance or healing the soil?
39:20comfrey for general purpose knfFood; dynamic accumulator; companion plant; makes other plants hardy
40:48how make LAB into a pellet that will sink into pond & clean; bokashi balls
43:07making knfFood with one plant at a time: how it works
44:57mixing one or more than one FPJ/Food right before applying
46:13spraying LAB on bedding for animals; quick manure breakdown; no-smell; microbial balance
48:26yarrow, stinging nettles, dandelions great for knfFood
49:31FPJ knfFood is NPK + trace minerals + hormones
50:29Arrugala FPJ for leafy greens; compfrey; fruit