Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Feb 13, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
0:52Special Guest Cheryl Mandila
1:27I Ching reading – 41- Decrease
3:54Day of rest
4:40IMO collection of soil microbes
13:44Natural Farmers tuning in from all around the world
14:28Planting berries- top dress with IMO3 and IMO4, mulch, soil foundation
16:42Natural Farming in Idaho- IMO vs. no IMO; watering is affected
19:18Will LAB digest pond muck?
20:01LAB for cut flowers
22:29cleaning up muck- success in Japan and Oahu
24:07Question about preparing land that was once a tomato farm and then pasture grazing for sheep
26:12Birthdays- February 14 is Master Cho’s Birthday
27:14Age of Aquarius- LAB, JMS saving the world
29:00Yard care- you can water less
33:39Weed barrier
34:52Plastic era- feminizing males
37:16Spring Creek Farms and JADAM- see it at Instagram atearthpurse; pass the test growing cannabis
42:40IMO1- use Calrose rice or any white rice not brown rice because there are hulls which block the microbes
44:50Can you use saturated LAB to make a new batch?
46:14Cut lilies in FPJ and LAB and they grew bulbs
46:39Regenerate pastures with sandy soil, monoculture and synthetic chemicals- check out last week’s episode (Feb. 6)
47:44Tar spot, blight and powdery mildew- bring on the good guys
53:10Chop and Drop
53:50Organic matter to build soil and also cover crops
54:30Gabe Brown- polyculture
55:20How to make and use KNF- and Drake’s YouTube channel
58:06Market garden with goat manure
1:00:21Elaine Ingham compost
1:04:30Snake River Seed Cooperative- seed saving is the future; worm swapping
1:06:37Cheyl’s contact: IG-earthpurse; Facebook- Seeds of Hope Boise
1:07:13Crypto currency; selling OHN
1:08:54Question about maintenance spray for cut flowers- LAB is helpful and phosphoric acid for growing; questions to
1:15:58interested in Boise KNF class with Drake and possbily Elaine Ingham? Email Cheryl at
1:16:44Thanks for tuning in