Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Feb 6, 2022

0:00Intro and Welcome
1:17I Ching reading – 41- Decrease
4:19Brown Rice vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar- use Bananas; PureKNF Cleanser
13:00Biochar- how to use; Josiah Hunt; Biocharred on Drake’s YouTube channel
19:35BRV videos on YouTube; wine turns to vinegar
21:37Pig food- relying on Natural Farming
23:00Korean Natural Farming is the gateway into farming, immunological support
24:00Water Soluble Potassium- do not char tobacco stems; find the recipe in the book, “Cho’s Natural Farming: Recipes and Instructions for Use”
33:59Water Soluble Phosphoric Acid- charred sesame stems
35:53FPJ from tobacco leaves?
37:03FAA- best to use predatory fish
43:18Sugar content of fruits- how to increase?
48:40Compost to IMO4 for soil building?
53:03Charred cucumber skins
54:08Chiton mix; GCM
55:30IMO2 for FAA? Just sugar and fish
56:04Other medicinal herbs for PureKNF Medicine?
56:53Supersaturation- video on how to supersaturate KNF solutions (need link please) for answers to your questions