Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ March 12, 2023

0:02:39Intro and Welcome
0:04:20I Ching Reading – Perponderance of the Great
0:08:01welcomes around the world
0:09:15KNF and rainfall
0:13:37global group watching
0:14:13more rainfall
0:15:28Drake has been dealing with cows on his farm
0:17:08Elaine Ingham and grass fertility
0:23:35mosaic virus disease
0:28:34banana bunchee top disease
0:32:58Mogili growing hemp in MI- be in touch
0:33:42KNF chicken coop- Hubbell Bubble
0:38:12KNF app/ KNF Calculator based on Master Cho’s teachings
0:41:22straining liquid IMO and compost tea
0:43:33Indiana report and connection
0:44:17Drake teaching KNF on the farm- hedging inflation
0:46:00Tanzania and Kenya- practice regenerative agriculture
0:47:30KNF app/ KNF Calculator precision
0:48:20shelf life of formulas
0:55:00contact Drake for training
0:57:15Master Cho’s LAB- KNF Protectors
1:02:23KNF Protectors recipe from Drake’s book
1:04:40Indiana devastated by chemical ag
1:08:19Microbial Secret Society episode on felix global
1:08:44thank yous