Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ March 19, 2023

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:02:20I Ching Reading – Grace
0:05:11welcome the community
0:14:35Spanish roots
0:17:43IMO messed up
0:20:33IMO buddy
0:23:10back to IMO; actinomycenes
0:25:10what to do with bad IMO
0:25:45Brassicas vs. Mycroriza
0:27:22CO2 burst rate test
0:31:44endophytes/ root hairs
0:33:30carbon credits/ carbon sequestering
0:38:32Drake would like to talk with Mr. Beast and/or Joe Rogan
0:41:40AI and nature
0:42:24KNF Food viscosity
0:43:40IMO pile- adding roots to get mychoriza
0:45:55KNF tech to protect plants from birds and deer
0:47:37JADAM to deter animals
0:48:30EU regulations
0:51:09recordings to deter animals and other solutions
0:53:07making KNF Fuel- FAA
0:55:30Drake as the front person for KNF
0:59:11michoriza in soil
1:00:30combining KNF with deep water culture
1:01:09start with JMS or IMO
1:05:05email Drake if interested in taking a class
1:07:03in Brazil check out Pedro Meza
1:07:25thank yous; long live the Natural Farmer