Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ March 26, 2023

0:04:46Intro and Welcome
0:06:56I Ching Reading – Breakthrough/Resoluteness
0:10:03welcome global community
0:12:25chat gpt/AI
0:15:06regenerative farming improves soil water retention
0:16:54KNF shorts and YouTube
0:21:20alternative starches for disgustingly cheap microbes (JMS)
0:23:30disgustingly cheap microbes (JMS) in Drake’s Recipe Book
0:25:37stone mason spreading IMO
0:26:40instant mashed potatoes for making disgustingly cheap microbes (JMS)
0:27:21Drake is a rancher improving his pastures
0:29:40what temperature to heat vinegar for pasteurization
0:32:20combining IMOs and solutions
0:34:30time for brewing liquid IMO
0:36:42why combine IMOs and solutions
0:37:27Elaine Ingham’s compost tea on Drake’s YouTube channel
0:38:26does the tea consume the IMO rather than the plant
0:40:38type of vinegar to make KNF Reproduction (WCA) and KNF Structure (WCP) and living vinegar for KNF Cleanser
0:45:11Master Cho’s KNF Fuel (FAA)
1:01:12FAA compared to fish hydrolysate
1:02:25back to Master Cho’s KNF Fuel (FAA)
1:02:35yellowing on plants- KNF Fuel (FAA) or KNF Structure (WCP)
1:04:12back to Master Cho’s KNF Fuel (FAA)
1:07:46Drake’s book about how to make KNF Fuel (FAA)
1:10:43vegetative period?
1:11:33thank yous
1:11:52substituting fish aminos
1:12:39thank yous