Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ April 2, 2023

0:00:00Count down
0:04:50Intro and Welcome
0:06:15My Pigs had Pigs Last Night
0:09:34I Ching Reading: Conflict
0:12:42Chatting with the Global KNF Community waiting for Piglets
0:15:27Shortrib’s Giving Birth & the History of our Family Piggery
0:21:41Guessing the Male:Female Ratio of Piglets
0:23:478 Nursing Piglets Jockying for Position
0:28:38knfStructure is the #1 Best Solution for Lactation
0:29:30Watching Pigglets Nurse and talking about the Miracle of Life & Motherhood!
0:32:35Larger Udders Give More Milk
0:33:23Resorting to Antibiotics to Kick Mastitis in Dairy Cow
0:33:57Watching Nursing Piglets & Giving Thanks for KNF Animals!
0:37:59Two Placentas in Mother Pigs
0:37:27Handmilking vs Milkmachine
0:38:26Making LAB from Pig Milk?
0:41:32KNF Pig Pen Maintenance
0:45:34Types of Wood for Laying an IMO Deep Litter System
0:47:17Applying IMO Pig Pen Manure to Crops
0:49:34Master Cho’s Breeding Pig Pen Dimensions
0:50:47Male:Female Piglet Ratio Revealed!
0:51:59How to use Spent Brewry Grain in an IMO Pile
0:53:45Watching Bran New Nursing Piglets
0:56:49Master’s Cho’s Feeding Regimen for Chicks (Layer & Broilers)
1:04:33Thank You & Long Live the Natural Farmer!