Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ April 9, 2023

0:00:00Count down
0:01:49Intro and Welcome
0:03:29I Ching Reading – Tai – Peace
0:05:13Master Cho’s Basics of Growing – Sun, Wind, & Water
0:09:02Foundation of KNF: Balancing Above & Below
0:10:36Stinging Nettles Plant Juice
0:12:42Manage the heat of an IMO pile
0:13:40Advice of Soil Ph
0:20:00How to Use
0:20:39Biochar Videos on
0:24:14How to Make Sea Water from Sea Salt
0:26:46The Miracle of knfMinerals (Seawater)
0:30:07How to Apply knfMinerals for Fruit Harvest and Soil Foundation
0:32:05Adding LAB to Vermacompost
0:32:47Less Salt in the Fjords in Finland
0:33:50Pig Shorts on Youtube & Analytics
0:36:37Bots have been attacking knfsupport webserver
0:41:30Picture of Our 8 Piglets
0:42:34What Kind of Soil do you use for Making IMO4?
0:43:07Baby Pig Videos
0:45:11Clarifying knfMinerals in Recipe Book
0:46:56More Baby Pig Photos & Videos
0:49:20IMO pile “finished” in a day
0:50:42Start Small on an Area
0:51:42You Never Add more Moisture Once you’ve Made Your IMO pile
0:52:19Master Cho’s Presentation on Bacterial Mineral Water
1:02:08Korean Made BMW (Bacterial Mineral Water)
1:04:56Korean Made BMW (Bacterial Mineral Water) continued
1:05:40Drake’s BMW (Bacterial Mineral Water)
1:08:28Accounts getting hacked
1:09:15Drake confusing shungite with shilajit
1:10:05Thank You All! Happy Easter