Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ April 16, 2023

0:00:00Countdown & Live Stream of 3 Week Old Piglets
0:02:40Intro & Welcome
0:04:02I Ching Reading: Holding Together (Union)
0:06:54Discussing Sows & Piglets
0:12:16Papaya Goat Treatment
0:18:07Wild Animals Contaminating Your Culturing IMO Pile
0:21:46Asking ChatGPT to Write A Plug In for KNF Online Directory
0:25:38Asking ChatGPT About Drake’s Involvment in KNF
0:35:54Asking ChatGPT About Master Cho & Ranting a bit on “Democracy”
0:38:52Asking ChatGPT About Dr. Hoon Park
0:42:13Asking ChatGPT about KNF Books & Resources
0:43:44Summarizing KNF Conversation with ChatGPT
0:45:33Is it Safe to Develope a Drug in Less than a Year & Administer it to 8 Billion People?
0:46:20Is it Safe to Test a Drug on 8 Mice & Then Give it to People?
0:47:08Japanese Natural Agriculture Association
0:52:55Sea Water & Fermented Sea Water (from a Master Cho Presentation)
0:59:45How to Use Sea Water & Fermented Sea Water (from a Master Cho Presentation)
1:02:28More on Sea Water (from Natural Farming Hawaii Recipe Book)
1:04:21Big Thanks to Master Cho & All of You
1:05:11How to Get Sea Water if You’re Landlocked
1:06:00Big Thanks to Master Cho, the PureKNF Foundation, & All of You!