Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ April 23, 2023

0:04:15Intro and Welcome
0:05:18“Earth Day”
0:06:12I Ching Reading: The Taming Power of the Small
0:08:30Young People Caring About the Enviroment
0:11:20Transfering KNF support to PureKNF’s server
0:14:00Nerd Stuffs: 3D Printing Planting Pots
0:18:46(technical difficulties)
0:20:40Kapila’s Nuts Youtube Channel Coming Soon!
0:27:07Solutions used or ommitted in the Soil Formula & Why
0:31:102023 Edition of KNF Recipe Book Coming Soon
0:35:36drake trying to find a youtube video on Cho’s recipe for potting soil
0:38:29Can you use fine gravel to make IMO4?
0:40:25Making knfFood from Fruits: More Sugar or Less?
0:41:22Master Cho’s KNF Introduction Presentation
0:48:23Protection from Neighboring Farm Pesticide Drift
0:49:15Master Cho’s KNF Introduction Presentation continued…
0:56:45Origin of Natural Farming: the 4 Spiritual Teachers
1:01:54Origin of Natural Farming: the 3 Human Being Teachers
1:05:33Many thanks & Long Live the Natural Farmer