Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 7, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:04:19Intro and Welcome
0:05:22I Ching Reading – Fu – Return
0:07:40April ’23 teaching & consulting trip to Maui
0:11:38Bacteria Wilt on Kale
0:13:31Optimizing your Spraying with a “Gator”
0:15:35Teaching knfFood Recipe to Maui folks
0:17:01Teaching KNF
0:18:33KNF classes in Hawaii
0:19:33Kudzu (chocolate vine)
0:20:50what to do about slugs
0:21:17Dilution Rate Guidelines
0:31:33Cho’s Documents for Specific Crop Cycles & Application
0:41:02Videos of Cho Teaching Basic Nutrient Cycle
0:42:12The Age of Rocks
0:43:29The Information to Learn from Master Cho is OUT!
0:45:05Websites that are Growing the Movement
0:46:47Developing the Pure KNF Foundation Community online platform
0:52:17“…and, um….um, and…”
0:52:35Rulating Temperature of IMO Pile & Reducing Amonia Smell
0:55:52Natural Farming Methodology Presentation from Master Cho
0:56:36Natural Farming Methodology: No Pesticides
0:58:46Natural Farming Methodology: No Herbicides
1:02:37Natural Farming Methodology: No Tilling
1:03:47Natural Farming Methodology: No Chemical Fertilizers
1:06:09Natural Farming Methodology: Livestock Barns with No Pollution
1:09:31Natural Farming Methodology: No Artificial Heating
1:10:53Natural Farming Methodology: Natural Feed made by Local Farmers
1:11:29Natural Farming Methodology: Nutrient Cycle Theory
1:12:57Piglets Update