Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 14, 2023

0:00:00Intro, Welcome & Happy Mother’s Day
0:03:00Piglets & Mothers
0:04:20I Ching Reading & Reflection – Decrease
0:08:26saying hello to all the office hour folks
0:09:29Short Ribs & Piglets Eating Icecream
0:14:26saying hello to all the office hour folks
0:16:06Uses for OHN Herbs after Tincturing
0:18:49Lifetime of Disgustingly Cheap Microbes Recipe
0:23:29How to find Master Cho’s Presentation on Liquid IMO
0:28:32How to Utilize Liquid IMO from Cho’s Presentation
0:29:51Different Types of Extracting Processes
0:31:51How does Fermented Mixed Compost Differ from “IMO5”?
0:33:04Self-Explanatory Vocabulary makes KNF Easy & Intuitive
0:37:25Updated Copies of KNF Recipe Book
0:38:12internet dropped…
0:39:45How to Tell if Your Vinegar is Complete
0:40:32transitioning to master Cho’s presentation
0:41:28Introducing “Natural Farming Products” Slideshow by Master Cho
0:42:45Why Naturally Farmed Fruits Have the BEST Flavor, Scent & Skin
0:46:26Monocrop with KNF & Make the Soil BETTER
0:51:20Naturally Farmed Rice Plants are Richer in Minerals & Yield More Rice per Plant
0:53:57How the KNF Barn Respects Animals’ Nature, Keeps them Healthy & Produces the Best Animal Products
0:59:06Summary of “Natural Farming Products” Slideshow
0:59:54Wrapping up, thanking our office hour friends & sponsors