Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 21, 2023

0:02:54Intro and Welcome
0:04:07I Ching Reading & Reflection: Coming to Meet
0:07:22Saying “whatsup” to the good folks of the office hour
0:07:49Mold Growing on knfFood Pour-Off
0:09:27Fan mail from Mike in Oaklahoma
0:10:53An older edition of The One Straw Revolution
0:15:11fan mail gifts
0:17:13A shared reality among the natural farming community
0:22:11Electroculture & Electrical Storms Effects on Plants & Soil
0:28:24The “Golden Plow” Modeled after Moles Tunneling
0:31:30Fungus & Electricity within the Soil
0:35:12[Tractor] Spader Respects the Microorganisms
0:37:24Grounding Technology
0:39:20Microbes are Creating Electroculture Naturally
0:41:16Youtube Channels on BioGeometry
0:45:54Transcribing Master Cho Workshops into Text
0:48:41Announcing 2 upcoming Weeklong KNF trainings Nov 2023 & Jan 2024
0:52:36ants killed the circuit board
0:53:39The “Globalization of Natural Farming” from a Master Cho Presentation
1:02:42Master Cho’s Tree Planting Projects in the Gobi Desert with 97% Survival Rate!
1:04:36The Global Spread of KNF!
1:06:40Picking up Trash or…spreading it around for microbes to eat
1:08:14Learn about Microscopes & the Soil Food Web
1:08:48Thanks Folks & Long Live the Natural Farmer!