Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ May 28, 2023

0:04:33Intro and Welcome
0:06:26I Ching Reading: Development (Gradual Progress)
0:11:20Conservation is a Linear Function. Regenerative is an Expontial Function
0:13:53community chat recognition
0:15:37Coffee Leaf Rust
0:17:49Organic vs Conventional Farming with Coffee Leaf Rust
0:25:40Mac Nuts Make AMAZING IMO Piles
0:29:15KnfCleanser Came out Thick
0:32:41KNF Classes in Hawaii – Nov. 2023 & Jan. 2024
0:37:57“Natural Farming. The Microorganism” Presentation from Cho
0:40:16“The Best Conditions for Microorganisms”
0:43:36How Many Soil Microbes in a Quarter Acre?!!!
0:52:12What a Field Looks Like After 40 Year of Composting
0:55:46“The Bad & Good Rhizophere”
0:59:58Microorganism Proliferation Times
1:05:31Synergistic Mechanisms of the Ecosystem
1:08:5427 Miles Long Lateral Roots & Root Hairs
1:12:55How Long Does LAB Last?
1:14:42Thanks Folks! Long Live the Natural Farmer!