Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 4, 2023

0:03:21Intro & Welcome
0:04:46I Ching Reading: Before Completion
0:07:25Spam, Porn, Censorship & the Great Awakening
0:11:10“Freedom is Slavery”
0:15:30Ecology & Economy
0:19:40Understanding Exponential Theory
0:23:23Communism & Capitalism (Finantial vs Industrial)
0:26:15The Real Solution
0:30:48Best Uses for IMO4: Making it Liquid vs. Keeping it a Top Dress
0:32:57The Plans for Building a KNF Chicken Pen (Resources)
0:37:57Vortex Brewers are Awesome
0:38:30DJI T40 Ag Drone
0:43:03Idea of the “Piggy Bank”
0:44:25KNF Training in Hawaii Nov 2023 & Jan 2024
0:46:00Does Selling KNF Violate the Ethics of KNF?
0:49:28Discussing Raising Chicks – Can we Use Comfrey instead of Bamboo?
0:53:56Where to find Master Cho’s Presentations
0:56:22Principals of Natural Farming Livestock Barn
1:00:35Finding a Proper Location to Build a KNF Livestock Barn
1:02:24Direction & Arrangment of the KNF Livestock Barn
1:04:45Flow of Convection Through KNF Livestock Barn
1:08:05Charactertistics of KNF Livestock Barn
11:11:11Thanks for Tuning in, Spread Microbes & Long Live the Natural Farmer