Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 11, 2023

0:01:56Intro and Welcome
0:04:04I Ching Reading & Reflection: Preponderance of the Great
0:09:16How often can you use Seawater when Drenching?
0:13:52Farming with Fish Waste!
0:15:36Feeding Pigs Restaurant Scraps (Pros, Precautions, Black Soldier Flies & Worms)
0:26:03Promugating KNF under different names
0:28:01Microbial Secret Society Podcast update
0:28:50The Great Simplification Podcast with Nate Havens
0:31:31Small Scale Chicken Coop Design
0:37:55Diluting KNF Solutions More During Drought
0:42:37Class Testimonial & New Classes Coming Soon! (Nov. 23 & Jan. 24)
0:44:26Using KNF to Combat Powdery Mildew
0:46:47Continuing Master Cho’s Presentation
0:48:18Charcteristics of Natural Farming: Reduces Production Cost
0:50:38Charcteristics of Natural Farming: Recycles Resources with Animals
0:52:18Charcteristics of Natural Farming: Reduces Medical Costs & Need for Antibiotics
0:53:33Charcteristics of Natural Farming: Produces Agricultural Byproducts that are GOLD
0:55:08Sorgum Stocks for Pigs
0:55:41Charcteristics of Natural Farming: Labor Saving & Eco Friendly
0:57:08How to Build a Deep Liter System for KNF Animals
0:58:39Utilizing the KNF Manure as “Feed Stuff”
1:01:07Characteristics of Natural Farming: Self-supplying Feed
1:03:13Constituents of the IMO Pig Pen Floor
1:09:54Thanks folks & long live the natural farmer!