Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 18, 2023

0:03:02Intro, Welcome, & Happy Fathers’ Day
0:04:55I Ching Reading & Reflection: Keeping Still (as a Mountain)
0:08:26Order & Chaos
0:13:13How & Where to Sign up for 7 day KNF Training (Level 1, 2, 3) in Hawaii (Nov. 2023 or Jan. 2023)
0:17:22Early Photos of Drake learning & practicing Natural Farming (in Hawaii & Korea)
0:48:592009 Footage of Gokseong KNF Learning Center
0:51:39Continuing Master Cho’s Presentation – The Livestock Fattening Pen
0:55:04Characteristic of the Pig – Honoring the Pig’s Nature
0:57:18The Sow & the Piglet
1:00:39Comparing the KNF Swine Farrowing Pen to Conventional
1:06:52Principals of KNF Livestock
1:08:22Thanks for Tuning In Worldwide Natural Farmers!