Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ June 25, 2023

0:02:23Intro and Welcome
0:04:44I Ching Reading & Reflection: Opposition
0:08:38“Peak Prosperity” & Eponential Theory & KNF!!!
0:18:30The KNF Facebook Page vs. KNF Support Website
0:31:10Single sign-on for Pure KNF Foundation Community Membership
0:32:49Nothern Michigan Hemp & KNF practititioner (Mogli)
0:35:03KNF Training coming in Nov. 2023 & January 2024 in Hawaii!
0:36:15Master Cho’s Presentation – Natural Farming Poultry
0:40:21Natural Farming Livestock Principals: Harmony, Respect, Wellfare
0:42:14Choosing a Location for your Chicken House
0:44:32Direction & Arranging of Chicken House
0:46:55Master Cho’s Ideal Poultry Barn Design
0:52:10Exploring Koreas KNF Poultry Farms
0:56:34Charcteristics of the KNF Poultry Farm
1:03:22Thank you Master Cho, Flat Eric, & YOU (the Global Community)!!!