Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 2, 2023

0:03:33Intro and Welcome
0:04:41I Ching Reading & Reflection: The Creative
0:07:52Got sick, chlorine dioxide helped (mms)
0:10:25Saying whatsup to office hour folks!
0:10:59Spirulina JMS
0:11:27Make Fun of Tyrants – Humor Cuts Through the Craziness
0:14:35Soy Bean Amino Acid, knfFuel, Soysause & Koji
0:42:42“Should I open up my FAA?” (knfFuel: aerobic or anaerobic?)
0:43:25Tartarian cup & Jon Levi
0:43:47knfFuel is Worcestershire sauce(?)
0:44:08“When is Fermented Seawater Ready?” – The Recipe from “OG” Master Cho book
0:49:15International knfFuel Tasting Contest
0:50:19How to make Aloe knfFood
0:51:21No drama like Korean Drama
0:52:30KNF Chicks Feeding Regimen
1:01:49The KNF Chick Brooder Box
1:10:37Love you all, see you next week!